Enjoy your stay here on my webbed site!

Please don't mind the mess; I'm new to coding! (I'll work on making this place a little more colorful later.) In the meantime you can check out my tumblr :) @subparlimejello.

or if you're feeling spicy, feel free to poke around my Star Trek blog @startrexxing.

About me!

I'm a young adult artist who loves learning new things. Currently, I'm trying to learn more about html coding (as you can see haha) and I've been working on fiction writing in my free time. It's very important to me to be able to interact with the world around me in new and exciting ways.

Other things about me :)
I'll probably post updates about Star Trek a lot! Star Trek has been my special interest for a very long time. I find so much comfort from interacting with this media, and I am always willing to chat about it. If you like sci-fi even a little bit I absolutely reccomend giving Star Trek a try! If you are not a fan of older stuff start with DS9 or VOY. Or if you really enjoy adult animation I actually love Lower Decks too! That could be a good gateway for animation fans. The online Trek community is super cool and I'm so glad to have been able to find people who like this funky sci-fi universe as much as I do :)

A couple of my favorite colors listed in order from most to least calming for me

Improtant things: (I'll put links here for some cool stuff later)